Banking Finance Interview Questions – How to Prepare For the Big Interview

Preparation if vital when preparing for any job interview, banking is no exception. Much of this depends on exactly what position you’re applying for. In broad terms a position in banking finance may range from:

o Banking finance auditor
o Banking finance investment executive
o Banking finance controller

It’s always a good idea to practice answering specific questions before the day of the interview. By doing your prep work before hand, you’ll come across as a confident individual which may give you the edge you need to land that big job.

Let’s take a look at specific questions that you should be ready to answer for each job.

Banking finance auditor

1) What is your level of experience?
2) What was your degree of responsibility in your last position?
3) What were the results of your auditing reporting?
4) What are some of your successful achievements?
5) What types of submissions of audits for federal or state authorities were you responsible for?

Banking finance investment executive

1) What is your experience with inter-relating investment and financial institutions?
2) What specific types of investment experience have you acquired in your previous positions?
3) What is the relationship of investment experience to this position?

In most cases, though a resume will contain this information, the banking finance investment executive will be expected to expand in detail on the management of investment funds and portfolios within the range of experience.

Banking finance controller

1) What are your finance management skills and experience?
2) What is your track record of implementing sound financial policies that helped to increase profitability and revenues in your previous positions?
3) What were your duties, responsibilities and corporate interface with executive management, cost accounting management and internal accounting management?

What to Do When Your Bank Line of Credit Just Isn’t Enough

You do not have to be in business long to learn how much of a struggle it can be to get a Commercial Line of Credit from a bank to help grow your business or cover shortages of cash flow. Many times the owners of these companies will find an alternative to the bank loan that they have been chasing. This alternative is called Accounts Receivable Factoring and it is getting more popular everyday, especially with the banking industry clamping down on their requirements making it even harder to get a Commercial Loan.

AR Factoring Defined

AR Factoring is basically when you sell your Receivables to a Factoring Company at a discount. In this circumstance, the AR Factoring Company will advance you funds based on the discounted dollar amount of your outstanding invoices. The Invoice Factoring Company will then collect the funds from your customer at the face value of your invoices. In most cases the value placed on any give receivable will vary upon the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) due to the risk of non-collection being higher on older invoices. Again, due to this risk factor, invoices over the 90 day mark are generally not funded. While not a completely interchangeable term, Accounts Receivable Factoring is also referred to as Accounts Receivable Financing or Accounts Receivable Funding.

Advantages of Entering into a Factoring Relationship

Pass off Collections: If you do not have to be concerned with chasing after accounts that have passed their due dates or just the practice of managing multiple accounts which can take several working hours depending on the size of your account base, you can be more responsive to the needs of your business rather than calling on collections.

Wouldn’t you rather have the Cash in your hand rather than sitting on the books? Very few companies like to carry Accounts Receivable, but it is a requirement unless you enter into a Factoring arrangement. Seeing that you have the majority of your money tied up in your books where you can see it, but not touch it can be very frustrating, especially when you have been uses for that cash.

Fast Financing: AR Factoring itself will not require a business, plan, audited financial statements or tax returns generally. It can be put together in a matter of days including Funding

Most certainly there are several benefits to Invoice Factoring, but like most things there are positive and negative attributes for your business. The cost factor of this type of financing can be higher than traditional bank financing. You Accounts Receivable will be discounted from its face value with takes profit right off the top of every invoice you generate which can add up to a considerable amount over the year.

When contemplating entering into the AR Financing agreement, be sure to take the following points into consideration:

- Are there other more viable options available that will be better suited for your needs?

- How does the Accounts Receivable Factoring fit in with your Business Plan in terms of process and margins? [Your Business Plan is an important element to your business, be sure that you have one.]

- Are you confident that you can manage the additional business and challenges this will present?

- Did you research your Commercial Finance options thoroughly to make an informed decision?

- What kind of shape is your industry in? Would now be a good time to take on additional financing?

In today s climate of economy cash flow is King. Your Accounts Receivable Factoring can mean your businesses survival or demise. Review all options prior to your committing to a particular program. The reason there are so many options in the Factoring Industry is because it is not as regulated as the banking industry. Be sure to deal with reputable Factoring Companies ” review documents and fees. Many times, using an Accounts Receivable Factor will lead to you being able to secure bank financing in the future.

Banks are far from the only game in town. There are many options available to companies today and when your bank says no to your application for financing, it is not that your company is not good; it is that you do not fit the cookie cutter loan programs they have. Commercial Finance Brokers have access to Accounts Receivable Factoring, Purchase Order Finance and Export Finance options in addition to other Commercial Finance products. And since they are in the market every day they will know what product will fit you the best.

Wade Henderson

Wade Henderson is a recognized Expert in Business Finance with over 14 years Experience in the Commercial Lending Field and a strong reputation for getting the deal done. Visit his Commercial Finance Website to put his experience to work for you.

A Comparison of Banking & Finance Jobs With a Look at the London Job Market

There are some fairly major differences between the banking and finance sectors, most notably the different types of opportunities available in these related but separate areas.

Banking jobs in major cities like London tend to fall in the retail, private and sometimes boutique banking sectors. These roles comprise of dealing with transactional activities and other general banking duties. Banking positions span, front, middle and back office positions supporting the entire trade process from sales and execution through clearing and settlement. An investment banker would most typically work for an investment bank who will help corporations and businesses to raise funds in capital markets.

When it comes to finance jobs, the positions tend to involve management of assets, money and other finances. Finance Jobs often comprise of micro and macro economic analysis and include tasks and duties to manage funds and preserve and create wealth for the organisation. But putting the differences aside, job opportunities in both the finance sector and the banking sector are frequently available if you have the right skills and experience.

Here in the UK the biggest place to get a banking or finance job is London. With areas such as London city and Docklands, London is the best place to look for banking jobs in the UK. It is seen as the banking hub of the world and the largest business centre in Europe, so residents in the UK have some great opportunities available to them.

Figures shows that over 20% of the largest companies in Europe have their headquarters in London and around 25% of the largest companies in the world have their main European offices based there. The London financial exchange market is said to be worth over $500 billion which is more than New York’s and Tokyo’s combined. This has also led to there being thousands of financial and banking jobs in the city.

With a need for so many finance professionals, specialist recruitment companies like Martin Ward Anderson have been created to provide the best candidates for these finance and banking jobs in not only London, but the rest of the UK and abroad.

Your Financing Strategy


Ask questions from your bankers which of one these will benefits you most and which one could be costly to you. You can also get free checks when you open your account, you do not need to pay for checks. All checks are processed the same way that is up to you and how you manage your money.

-Savings Accounts: Custom Savings, Money Market Account Checking Accounts: Economy Checking, Express Checking, -Regular Checking, Senior Checking, Student checking
-Your Debit/Visa Card to use for shopping could be free when you open your account, make sure you ask for it, at times they will ask you if you want one or not. Where you use your Debit/Visa Card to withdraw money matters to your bank, it could cost you for using it at the wrong places, ask your banker for information where you could use your card without paying extra charges…

Some banks charges between $1.00 up to $3.00 if you use their card to withdraw money from another bank that they do not do business with. It is your money…

Each one of the above has advantages and dis-advantages, be careful when you are opening your accounts; you could loose money to the bank right away. You also need to know if your monthly statements are going to be free or not, when you make inquiries, the bank could be charging you for too many inquiries. Some things are free from the big banks and something’s are cheaper from the community banks.

Basic Requirements for lending you money:
· Savings and Checking Account
· (2) Good Credit or No Credit it depends where you are getting the money.
· (3) Collateral such as your House, Car, Boat, Gold/diamond or any valuable assets they can hold on
· Driver’s License,
· Social Security numbers
· Good Employment, at least for six months.

Lenders Information:
Big Bank requirements-
Can be very tough to meet because they have to abide by the ‘Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)’ regulations. They got their money from the Federal Reserve Bank at a lower rate, however, they could turn around and loan it to the smaller banks at a higher rate, and the smaller banks loan it at higher quote rate to the public.

Community Bank requirements/Credit Union:
Well, the community bank is no different either, they turn to the big banks to borrow money at a lower rate so that they can loan it to their customers/clients at a higher rate to make some profit to stay in business.

Private Capital market requirement:
This is where the business gets tougher. The Capital Market enterprise is a big boy on the Wall Street, where they can finance just about anything they like, because they are not being regulated by the government, it is an individual rich businessmen that have money to loan out at a higher rate. They are not required to follow financing rule rigidly as the bank does, but they still have follow the consumer law that protect all of us from being taken advantage of.

Family friends requirement:
This one is your best source of financing, if you could find a rich friend or family friends that can loan you money without any attachment or collateral. They may ask you to pay them some small interest, or none it all depends what you are using the money for, at they would like to get a piece of the apple when they know you are going to make a lot profit.

There some companies out there that would loan you money to meet your emergency needs, but becareful, they may ask you to give them your house, car, motor cycle or any of your valuables for collateral just in case you were unable to pay them back, but, they are very quick to take your valuables and you may not have any re-course to take them to court for doing so. I would stay away from such financing unless you have to…

There is going to be a time when we are going to need finance or re-finance our mortgages, car, motorcycle, big boat, air-planes etc., that we cannot come up with up-front lump sum money to pay for it This force us to turn to our bank, family friends, private capital market, small loan companies to loan us that money. This is where we are being taken advantage of by offering us some sort of un-affordable rates. At first you would think this a great opportunity that it will not be problem, you could afford that payment being offered to you by your lender, you better think again before you sign that dotted line. They could be collecting interest from you money for long time without any of it going to your principle.

Pay attention to dotted Line and Small print in the loan documents:
The loan documents can be very tricky to read when you are not an attorney, the small fine prints areas are very important areas to pay attention to, because this is where they hid rates, timeline, and warrante, but if you don’t pay attention to the rates they quote or offer to you in the loan document that you are going to sign you could be losing a lot of money. You probably better off to take to your attorney before you sign the dotted line.

In the fine print of the loan documents is where they hid most important information that your lender did not want you to know about, especially mortgage and credit card documents. It sounds strange, but it is true, If you don’t believe what I said here in this document, go to your loan documents and read the small prints in there you may find out something that you would not like to see or hear about, or if don’t believe what I said here, ask yourself a question of why didn’t they just print the whole loan documents in a readable format with nice fonts that an average third grader can read and understand it without having to scratch their head or look up words in the webster dictionary for interpretation of words, after all you are the consumer paying them for this services and they will be collecting interest from your financing for such a long time. 95% of mortgage homeowner never gets to the point of paying principle or their mortgage finance off before being taken away from them, but the bank or private investor already started to benefit. Yes, I understand they took the risk to finance us.

I think what is fair is fair, they should make the loan documents more readable for us, and there should be no small prints that is had to read on any loan documents. They should be in a readable format that average Joe can understand; my question all the years was why are they making it so complicated to read if they do not have anything to hide? I also think the loan documents should not have so many pages when we are talking about saving the threes… Not too many consumers read all these pages, it has no value to have so many pages when no one really reads it, of course the attorney will not be making money if they these document could be reduced to minimum.

My solution to this big fat loan documents should be to reduce them to minimum, all it should it be contain is, who own the house, the rate, how long is going to be paid, warranty, borrower’s and co-borrower, and all other very valuable information it should not be more than 10 pages long.

For more information and free reports on how to start your own business and increase flow of traffic to your business web site see my resource box.

A Bumpy Ride For Business Financing

Based on how chaotic the commercial banking climate is currently, the situation described in this article is expected to prevail for a long (but unpredictable) period of time. In spite of the confusing and frustrating commercial loans environment, a prudent business financing strategy is likely to produce the most effective results that can be hoped for by small business owners. With working capital financing and business loans, commercial borrowers need to be prepared for a long and bumpy ride.

Misinformation and insufficient information will play a somewhat unpredictable role in achieving the desired outcome of business borrowers finding appropriate commercial finance solutions. The eventual success of commercial financing efforts will depend on an individualized and detailed assessment of the unique financial circumstances for a specific business, although it is appropriate to note that there are new and effective business loan options that will satisfactorily fill the commercial funding gap for many small business owners impacted by their current ineffective commercial bankers.

Anticipating the long and bumpy ride that lies ahead for even the most ordinary business financing request will be prudent and wise for small businesses. It has not been unusual for commercial borrowers to wait for one to two months before their bank finally declines to make a commercial loan that had appeared to be a mere formality when the lending process began, either because banks do not want to publicly admit that they are not presently making business loans or perhaps due to their somewhat secretive and changing guidelines for making such loans. Regardless of their prior description of “normal” for working capital management and commercial financing options, many business owners have already discovered how much and how quickly this has changed.

A prevailing banking climate that is characterized by misinformation as well as insufficient information about current commercial finance options for small businesses provides sufficient rationale for describing the journey to business financing success as being both long and bumpy. After they have finally been informed by their current bank that needed business finance help is not forthcoming, because they simply do not have enough information to successfully complete their task, a small business owner might be unsuccessful in their attempt to find a new source of commercial funding in one typical scenario involving insufficient information. When a commercial banker misleads a prospective business borrower by advising the business owner that the bank will be able to help in providing an unsecured working capital loan when the banker has already been told by senior bank officials that such financing will not be provided except for specific established business clients, this is an increasingly frequent misinformation scenario. Most banks are in fact eliminating or reducing working capital financing to small businesses as indicated by one public report after another.

More successful results should be produced by realistic expectations of what lies ahead in business financing efforts. This article represents a sincere attempt to accurately portray the recent confusing and unpredictable state of commercial banking for small business owners, and this fulfills a primary purpose in describing current attempts to obtain small business loans as potentially being a long and bumpy ride.

Racing Awards, Medals and Customized Gear for Runners

Running, whether it be a 5k with the family, a 10k for an extra challenge, or a marathon for the elite runners, can be a very exciting and memorable experience. Running is a very personal sport to lots of people, as it can be great exercise and can make you look and feel very refreshed. Tons of awards are given out to winners at races each year. For people organizing these racing events, finding customized and personal running gear can be difficult, as well as finding unique prizes for running champions. When orchestrating a race, you want to have a memorable competition. Medals and unique prizes can help to make the race more exciting. Participants can keep prizes as souvenirs, and remember the experience better because of a keepsake.
The most important souvenir a competitor can take home is a winning medal. Those are worn with pride, and showed to family members and friends. They are often hung on walls, or shown off where they can be seen. Of course, medals need to be personalized, unique, and specific. You cannot award a running champion with a medal that doesn’t recognize what it’s for. It is often a perfect idea to find a company that will provide you with customized prizes for winners. Often, you can ask for customized medals that include the date, the name of the race, and the name of the company sponsoring and orchestrating the event. That way, when people proudly show their winning medal to others, the people who made the event happen will receive the credit and publicity they deserve.

In addition to medals, running apparel and gear can be a great way to make the race more memorable. Unlike medals, gear is commonly worn and would be used often. Passing out swag, such as customized shirts, jackets, hats, and bags can be a great way to add to the excitement of the race. Races with their own gear are viewed as more unique, as they have customized logos and attractive designs. Shirts can be given out to families, and jackets can be sold at the finish line. Hats can be passed out before the race to keep the sun out of the athlete’s eyes. And, of course, bags can be kept forever and used for multiple occasions. Having the name and date of your race on these items can help to increase publicity and help the runners remember what a successful and memorable race it was. Customizing these mementos can help to define a great race, and will definitely help a race to be more exciting and enjoyable.

Gamble on Line – Possess these Various Advantages for your own

There Really are assorted kinds of games and sports which can be found around the world and human beings possess significant interest within them. There’s simply no uncertainty at the simple fact this one among the absolute most essential explanations for why the games and sports really are all important to this public is on account to how those toss some type of troubles .

There Is just 1 particular certain form of video sport which likewise causes it to be into this set of their treasured games which people are able to playwith. And it’s also not any aside from betting. Betting fulfilling the exact same and is exactly about challenges. There are areas. But once again if it regards betting on line the huge benefits really are far a great deal greater than that which it’s possible to see right now.

Now you Must definitely make certain which you’re choosing the optimal/optimally internet web sites as a way to acquire through together using the practice of betting absolutely. And this is what’s going to offer a great deal of benefits to you.

A Variety of Benefits of gaming Internet:

After Would be the numerous benefits of betting on line that individuals have to be mindful of:

· Convenience:

Comfort Is decidedly among the greatest explanations. Here really is some thing which functions being a boon because you aren’t going to need to go everywhere whatsoever.

· Engage in every time you enjoy:

This Is another benefit that is important you have to know of. The internet singapore casino has ever let exactly the exact same as properly. You may be certain you are surely becoming to engage in midnight or sunrise much.

? Perform from anyplace:

Now you Maybe in almost also you also may adore the access to the games online and virtually any nation.

Each of In making certain you’re receiving through, These items can help you With the consequences for on line.

Coloring Pages Growing Horizons Of Kids

Children are amazing. They know whatever they are taught. If You wish to enhance the horizon of one’s children, and it’s time to get them participated together with coloring pages. Yes, even they all are on line pages that offer many different ways to bring the hidden talent in your kids. These coloring pages comprises of exceptional lessons that are conveyed at a manner that is fundamental to enable kids to grasp.

Coloring Pages – Benefitting Childrem

Worrying concerning the cost in Association? Chill, as they truly have been available at no price tag. Furthermore, you need to stay away from the stress of shopping for exceptionally costly gadgets that are educational. Everything you will need to have is your distribution for your own printer. It can open the pathway for both kiddies to take high benefits in association with internet colouring pages.

You must be wondering why children Have to Be included in coloring. The main reason is that coloring an image will absolutely control the entire attention of one’s kid. They is going to be in a favorable position to concentrate regarding completing their work followed closely by presenting the most useful finished merchandise.

Parents Can Be Getting Brief Repite

Additionally, Mom and Dad Will Have the Ability to Acquire short respite as your Children will probably undoubtedly be coloring pages which is really a funny exercise. On the web coloring pages have been well known to give children several of the best educational gains entirely. They is going to soon be memorizing numbers along side titles of veggies as well as creatures.

More vulnerability to coloring, simple will probably be learning methodology. Kiddies will secure a chance to fortify the coordination between eye and hand . Since they’ll be learning to color lines, abilities will grow in a ultimate manner. Psychologists state that coloring offers an insight into emotions of children in an imaginative way.

Which exactly are you thinking? Involve your kids with coloring Pages in the earliest.

Types of Wood Siding Available for Homeowners

When building your home, even the smallest decision could make a world of difference in what it ultimately looks like. This is also true when undertaking an exterior redesign project. Siding, among other key characteristics, is one of those big decisions that could entirely alter your home’s exterior appeal based on your decision.
Although plastic siding has become a popular option in recent years due to pricing, traditional wood siding remains the preference for many homeowners. This is because wood siding offers customers numerous benefits over their plastic counterparts. Benefits include:

• Wood siding is eco-friendlier than plastic

• Wood is more aesthetically appealing

• Many types of wood are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, which allows the home owner less maintenance

• Wood lasts longer

• …And much more

One of the main benefits is that wood naturally takes to paint, stains, and other decorative options incredibly well. Plastic, on the other hand, often must be crafted in the customer’s color choice – meaning that options are limited. Once decided upon a type of wood siding, however, you can then choose any type of finish. Whether you want to paint your home the colors of the rainbow, or opt for a natural dark wood stain, anything is possible. Below we look at four of the most commonly used types of siding available: board and batten siding, bevel, tongue and groove, and lap siding. Each has their own aesthetic appeal so that there is something for every person’s unique tastes.

Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is a vertical design created by using two different sized boards. The wider boards are set beneath, while the narrower boards are placed atop the joins. These narrower boards are called ‘battens.’ There are no set widths, so homeowners can choose their preference. The most commonly used measurements, however, are 1 inch by 3 inch battens placed over 1 inch by 10 inch boards.

Bevel Siding

Bevel siding is the most commonly used siding. Installed horizontally, boards are cut at an angle so that one side is thicker than the others. This creates a shingle effect, or the appearance that the boards are overlapping one another. Tongue and Groove Siding Tongue and groove siding is incredibly versatile. Available in both rough and smooth board finishes, it is fitted together tightly to give a sleek appearance. It can be installed in any direction, which does not only include horizontal and vertical, but also diagonal.

Lap Siding

Lap Siding is also known as Channel siding. This siding is very versatile, with installation capabilities for any direction (like the above tongue and groove siding). This unique siding features boards which partially overlap one another, and the ultimate results are a rustic appearance like those of a hunting cabin. If you’re interested in learning even more about wood siding -including less commonly used types available – you can contact your local siding specialist or construction expert. They will be able to give you more detailed information, including a price estimate for your area.

The Best Way You Can Double Your Winning Into Sports Betting?

Have You any idea how much cash is used on sports betting? Well, that’s a significant bit. But regrettably, a lot of the cash is equaled broadly speaking by amateurs who lose. Sports gambling isn’t simply a topic of random probability. It is far much more of the competition with experts. In online betting you can’t provide an explanation that you are a newcomer.
Much like The sport is gaining a massive share. In fact, there is a excellent share of people that have intended to change the gambling sports online betting with their whole time source of income.

To be A winner in sport betting, you have to keep aside your emotions and also follow the following strategies:

· It is all about the chances

The First step of sport gambling lies on what club you will invest your dollars. Take aid. He will certainly place his money onto that team that may give the best outcome.

· Guess by Means of Your head and not heart

Even a Because they utilize their core more than their thoughts number of individuals reduction in sports bet. Betting can be a calculative game. So, you have to understand to figure your own risks and dangers in addition to learn how not to collapse into the snare of these kinds.

· Spend Money on everything you know

Never Invest you don’t understand. This advice should also be followed for sport. Persons have a tendency to bet upon high profile matches. However, the facts is that the actual athletics professionals bet upon the people that are most ignored. This yields to raised outcomes compared to people who gamble on top superior matches.

· Acknowledge your losses

No Matter how skilful you are, you should be ready to just accept your reduction with all the Same spirit in that you simply accept the victory. Afterall, it is a game. Winning And losing is now part of each and every game.